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The Dorina Daisy Reader (DDReader) application is a DAISY 3.0 digital book reader that functions as a Firefox add-on. Its first version is available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The interface was designed aiming at the needs of visual impaired people. In the near future, new visual skins will be developed. The DAISY books can be read by synthesized voice, pre-recorded narration, or text only.
It is mandatory to have installed a synthesized voice in the idiom of your choice (amongst the three available) for the software operation. Besides that, it uses Microsoft SAPI5, already included in Windows (or available to download from the Microsoft site).
An installer for the DDReader, which includes a basic voice in each available language and, if needed, also installs Firefox, will be available for download at the DDReader support site – www.caracol.com.br/ddreader.
You can download DAISY books from many sites on the web. To know about DAISY book protocol and resources, go to www.daisy.org.
For now, we have only the Windows version of the add-on, but other OS versions will be developed later.
DDReader was developed by Pedro Milliet and Eduardo Perez for Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind (FDNC), as part of the FDNC digital book project. To contact FDNC, go to the website at www.fundacaodorina.org.br, or call +55(11) 5087-0999.
To contact the developers, go to the support website or send an email to [email protected]
To know more about DDReader, download the pdf version of tutorial using the link http://www.caracol.com.br/ddreader/en/tutorial.pdf.
The main functions of DDReader are:
1. Full tutorial and help online.
2. All commands have keyboard access.
3. Command Echo using TTS (Text to Speech).
4. Bookmarks and user notes.
5. Word and expression search.
6. Books History.
7. Word spelling.
8. Foreign words pronounce.
9. Abbreviations expansion (TTS).
10. Global and book preferences.

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