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Do you have difficulty writing Turkish characters in your email? Not anymore, write your email as usual, with 1-click, Turkcelestir! converts characters to Turkish characters!

There are six letters in the Turkish alphabet that are not in the English alphabet, namely 'ç, g, i, ö, s, ü'. It has been so much a hassle for writing these letters with non-Turkish keyboard that many Turkish speaking people left no choice but write with closest corresponding English characters, e.g. c for 'ç'. Turkcelestir is a Firefox Extension that allows you to correct Turkish words with 1-click.

How it works? It is quite simple, write your email using your favorite web based mail client, like Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo, etc. Then, select the text to convert to Turkish characters. Lastly, right click and select Turkcelestir from the menu. Done. You will see your text converted to Turkish characters. How about the comments you write on your friends wall in Facebook, or discussion on Linkedin, or Google search box? Yes, you can convert any text you write in textarea or textfield as well. You just type your text, when you finish hit F2 key on your keyboard. Voila! You will see the text converted to Turkish characters. Takes a few seconds only. You can see the demo at http://www.turkcelestir.net.

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