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Mac OS X can only use online query. Linux is well supported, Show Location is tested and working on Ubuntu and Fedora.

For English users, you need GeoLiteCity IP database, which can be downloaded from:
After download, extract "GeoLiteCity.dat.gz" by using winrar or gunzip, then in Show Location Options, check GeoLiteCity and set the database path to the file "GeoLiteCity.dat". GeoliteCity is updated officially in the beginning of every month.

For Chinese users, you are encouraged to use local ChunZhen IP database, which can be downloaded from:
http://update.cz88.net/soft/qqwry.rar (Simplified Chinese)
http://update.cz88.net/soft/qqwrybig5.rar (Traditional Chinese)
After download, extract "qqwry.rar" by using winrar, then in Show Location Options, check Chunzhen and select GB2312 or Big5, and set the database path to the file "QQWry.Dat". ChunZhen IP database is updated officially every 5 days.
(In linux, your system must support zh_CN.GB2312 or zh_TW.BIG5, use "locale -a" to check that. If not supported, just run "sudo locale-gen zh_CN" or "sudo locale-gen zh_TW" in the shell, now your system supports GB2312 or Big5)

Tips (v0.5.0):
1. Middle click to open options
2. Double click text area to open Google Maps Tool
3. Double click flag to open IP Query Tool
4. Press "ESC" to close Google Maps Tool or IP Query Tool
5. Database path can be set as relative path (to firefox.exe)
6. If you want to show address bar flag only, just set the position hiding. Address bar flag will be put to the end of the style list and the styles of GeoLiteCity will be put together.
7. The hot key for print in Google Maps Tool is Ctrl+p, this is useful for Linux when print button not shown.
8. If you want to hide right click showmap, just input "about:config" in address bar and set "show_location.hide_rightclick_showmap" to "true".
9. If you want to show tooltip in multiple lines, please add the following to "profile/chrome/userChrome.css":
#show_location_tooltip{-moz-box-orient:vertical !important; -moz-box-align:start !important;}
#show_location_tooltip_icon{margin: 0px 6px; !important;}

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