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Permissions Auto Registerer


# How to use

Define a preference for websites, like:

pref("extensions.autopermission.sites.<domain>", "<type1>=<value1>, <type2>=<value2>, ...");
pref("extensions.autopermission.sites.<key>", "<domain>: <type1>=<value1>, <type2>=<value2>, ...");

For example:

pref("extensions.autopermission.sites.www.example.com", "popup=1, geo=2, install=2");
pref("extensions.autopermission.sites.test-item", "test.example.com: popup=1, geo=2, install=2");

To confirm permissions are correctly applied, see about:permissions.

Available types are:

* `password`: Allow to save passwords to the password manager.
* `geo`: Allow to access to the geolication API.
* `cookie`: Allow to store Cookie.
* `popup`: Allow to open popup windows (ads, etc.)
* `indexedDB`: Allow to use offline storages.
* `fullscreen`: Allow to activate DOM fullscreen.
* `image`: Allow to load image files.
* `install`: Allow to install addons.
* `offline-app`: Allow to use offline-cache for web applications.
* `camera`: Allow to access camera devices.
* `microphone`: Allow to access microphone devices.

Available vlaues are:

* `0`: Unknown. (clear the stored value and follow to the default preference)
* `1`: Allow all.
* `2`: Deny all.

For Cookies, there are more choices:

* `0`: Unknown. (clear the stored value and follow to the default preference)
* `1`: Allow all cookies permanently.
* `2`: Deny all cookies permanently.
* `8`: Allow all cookies only for the current session.
* `9`: Allow first party cookies permanently, and deny all others.
* `10`: Allow first party cookies permanently, and allow third party cookeis also permanently only when they are already accepted.

This is mainly designed for corporate-use.

# Usecase for MCD

You can control permissions like a security policy, with MCD.
For example:

var PERM_ALLOW = 1;
var PERM_DENY = 2;

// list of trusted sites
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.sites", "mozilla.com,mozilla.org");

// permissions for trusted sites
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.camera", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.cookie", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.fullscreen", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.geo", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.image", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.indexedDB", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.install", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.microphone", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.offline-app", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.password", PERM_ALLOW);
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.popup", PERM_ALLOW);

// special permissions for trusted sites, based on Firefox's capability settings
// allow/deny to run scripts in the site
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.javascript", PERM_ALLOW);
// allow/deny links to locak files
pref("extensions.autopermission.policy.trusted.localfilelinks", PERM_ALLOW);

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