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Geocaching.com GPX Downloader


Save information such as coordinates, description, hints and logs into a GPX file that can be sent to your GPS unit.

Features include:
- You can change the coordinates of a Mystery Cache if you know them.
- Multi-Cache stages are saved as a route, waypoint comments are placed at the end of the description. This way if you download more Multi-Caches that lie in the same area, only the waypoints for the cache you are looking for will be displayed.
- If any of the attached images appears to be a spoiler, you are offered to download it along. The set of keywords used to distinguish a spoiler image is configurable.
- If the listing is too long and there is a chance the GPS unit might not be able to display it in full, you will be warned.
- If you use a script that modifies the look of geocaching.com, be sure to check the appropriate checkbox in the extension settings.

Please note
When there is a geocaching.com site update, the old version of the downloader usually stops working. Most of the time I'm able to fix it within a day, but it takes more time for the new version to go through review process. If you want to always have the most recent version as soon as it's ready, install the non-reviewed version

The bugs reported by Ferder, Vuorela, SciDude and p0pa have been fixed (thank you).

Download files:


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