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Sharepoint Administrator's Toolbar


Please Note:
With the coming changes to Firefox 57, I will no longer develop this extension for Firefox. However, I do plan to continue development for it to hopefully work in Pale Moon and/or Waterfox.

Please email me if you have ideas.

The Sharepoint Administrator's Toolbar will let you quickly access most of the locations in a Sharepoint Portal. It eliminates the need to use or display the Site Actions menu, and gives you a quicker navigation experience.

You can navigate ANY Sharepoint portal with the same set of commands.

In version 1.5 I added a button to the Operations menu that lets you fetch list and libarary GUIDs. There is also now a button that will let you jump right into page edit mode (especially useful if you use publishing).

You can "lock" the navigation to a particular root or a particular SCA. When you "lock" the navigation, it will always use that site, otherwise, it will use whatever site is currently loaded in the browser. That means that you can use the toolbar to navigate on ANY Sharepoint site (within your permission boundaries, of course). In order to "lock" navigation, however, you need to add your addresses for your root portal, and for your Sharepoint Central Administration. However, if you just a quick link to those places, look in the "Operations" menu of the toolbar, and you will find "Navigate to Home" and "Navigate to SCA" which work even if the "locks" are not set.

You will receive a popup if SPAdminToolbar thinks you are trying to use its functions on a page that isn't Sharepoint. You can disable this in the options panel.

Although SPAdminToolbar works with IETab2 and IETab+ (Coral), it does not work right with the plain IE Tab. Presently, plain IE Tab seems to have a few issues with SharePoint, anyway. I personally recommend using IETab2 with SharePoint - the only thing you can't do (that I've found) is to rearrange the order of columns (IETab2) - that will crash Firefox every single time. I use it with this one.

SPAdminToolbar is designed specifically for Sharepoint 2010, but works in 2007 and will work on some pages in 2013.

Be sure to check out the "Version Information" to see what's new/different for each version. In version 1.5 we fixed all the icons and added a lot of new functionality.

If you have ideas, comments, complaints, wish to make translations, or wish to contribute, please send an email to my address is in my user profile.

(At the time of this posting, I have over 800 users and not a single grateful review! Some thanks I get for sharing!)

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