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Imagine a world where people need to go to public libraries, browse from selection of books and scan on hundreds to thousands of pages just to find a single information! Tiring isn’t it? Well, that’s how people live in the past. Now thanks to the wonderful technological innovation called Internet we can now accomplish the things that we need to do in just a matter of seconds, making our life easier and convenient.
Since the Internet is created mainly to make our life easier it is just right that using it should never be complicated nor would take a lot of time. Instead exploring it should be fun, exciting and hassle free. Basically using it should be effortless! Having this in mind, various applications are created mainly to make browsing easy as possible. An example of this superb application is an added on toolbar known as “SUPER APPLICATION.”
Super Application is an application that you can add on to your Google Chrome Internet Browser. Simply log in to Google Chrome Store and search for Super Application and install it to your computer for FREE. This means there are no time taking registration and high cost payment involves. Surely, everyone can avail this!
Once installed, it would automatically be part of you Google Chrome Internet Browser. Here, you can have access to different useful features. The best thing about it is that you can utilize different features with using only ONE application. No need to download or open other applications that can surely take a lot of time and effort.
One of the special features that Super Application has it the “to do list” feature, here you can list and save down all the important tasks that you have and organize them in your preferred manner. Never again will you forget the chores designated upon you by your mother or to buy flowers for your coming wedding anniversary. You can add hundreds to thousands of list and delete it anytime you want or after accomplishing it. This can help you systematize your day and make your life more productive than ever.
The next on its list of features is the Calendar feature. Here you can have access not only for this year calendar but for the coming years. In fact it might seem to have endless possibility of calendar years available. Thanks to this feature knowing your birthday in the year 2050 is now possible. Giving you a head start in preparing for the next special occasion!
Another feature that carries equal usefulness is the world clock feature. Whether in Canada or America it enables you to check on the time wherever on the globe. This is important especially when you need to make business transactions or simply want to contact your love one abroad. This allows you to decide on what adequate time you need to communicate that is convenient for both of you.
Have you ever tried browsing a heavy weight dictionary and browsing its dusty pages just to search for a definition of one word only to find out later that it does not contain the word that you are looking for? Frustrating?! I cannot blame you for that! A lot of dictionaries in the world are not that 100% comprehensive. Meaning there is still words that it does not cover. Thankfully Super Application has the Dictionary feature that allows you to search for a word description within seconds. No dust and heavy lifting included. Added special trait with online dictionary compare to real live dictionaries is that with online you can have access to a broader and complete definition; also it automatically tells you if a certain word really exists or not saving you quality time.
After finding the words that you needed isn’t it nice if you would also know how to translate it to different languages? Super Application has anticipated this need as they also incorporate translation into their application. Here you can have translation of a particular word to all the languages that you can think of. It has a compilation off all existing languages in the world. So the next time you have to make a transaction to other country for business or pleasure means refer to Super Application for all your translating needs.
The calculator is a simple yet amazing technology that most people tend to disregard and take into full consideration but here at Super Application we know that 90% of the people are using the calculator in their daily tasks. For this reason it is just right that the calculator is incorporated in one application that contains your daily tasks and other useful features to make you life easier.
Last but not the least of its useful features is the Stop Watch and Timer feature. Here, you can monitor how long do you spend on one task and make conclusion if you are taking a lot of time doing it or you making progress. Again, this can help in making your life more productive.
Thanks to Super Application, you can now save precious time and energy for you can perform multi tasking applications using only one application. You can get here the same features that you can get from other but with NO price. Truly, this is one add on application that is a must have!

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