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Beeline is a unique predictive search tool. Once you add it, it silently hums in the background predicting your search needs. It skims through the page as a reader would, finding the most important concepts and ideas, creating search queries along the text, filtering their results, and putting them between the lines. Literally.

Once you install Beeline a small bee icon in the status bar indicates it's on (use CTRL+/ to view the status bar on Firefox 4). Pages you read would start showing small bee icons between paragraphs, followed by a pages titles specifically in context of what you were reading at that point in text. You can hover to get a quick glance into the contents, or click to open the search results window. Once you have decided to go there you can continue to browse the results in a mini-browser on top of the page you are reading, so you never have to go out of context.

If you get confused you can click the status bar bee and get help on how to use Beeline by clicking 'about, or use it's 'recent pages' feature to quickly jump to a page you recently visited. Recent pages that were enhanced by Beeline are shown with a bee icon, so you know more information is awaiting.

Happy Bee-lining!

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