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Highlight Textboxes Like Google Chrome (Orange)


This style will highlight any focused textbox exactly like Google Chrome. The current input textbox will be surrounded by an orange shadow that makes it easier to find where you are typing.

Fully Customizable colors - simply edit the HEX codes - You can change the color from Orange to say... Green.

Functions / Features:
+ Focused input fields are highlighted orange (or any color you desire)
+ Functions exactly like Google Chrome
+ Global Style - affects all websites and chrome pages (such as the Awesome Bar)

Applies to:
+ Text Boxes
+ Text Areas (comment areas)

+ Any single textbox, textarea, or input form on a web page (example: Google Search button)

Browser Versions:
- Works on Firefox 3.5+ Only (CSS3)

Integrates Completely with:
+ Highlight Every Focused Element (HighlightFocus)

- Initial Public Release

Download files:


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