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The Fort Bar


The Fort Bar is made from Saloon Bar bones and supports calculating equipment for fort fights and duels. Because of the limitations in Saloon bar those calculations were excluded from the last update and are available separately.

1. Download the extension
2. Follow the instructions given by Firefox

Once you've followed the installation steps and restarted Firefox, The Fort Bar will be ready to use.

Displaying The Fort Bar

To open The Fort Bar, select the View menu, followed by Sidebar. This will provide an option which will allow you to toggle The Fort Bar display. Alternatively, press Ctrl-Shift-S whilst in Firefox to toggle the sidebar.


Before you can use The Fort Bar, you need to provide it with information about your character and your character's equipment. To initialize the system:

1. Log in to The West
2. Open your Inventory screen
3. Click the Update Details button in The Fort Bar
4. Wait a little
5. Wait some more

Whilst you're waiting, The Fort Bar will be calculating the optimum equipment for all jobs. The more equipment you have, the longer this will take. During this time, Firefox will not respond to any actions so please be patient.

You will need to re-initialize TheFort Bar if you find or buy new equipment. You will also need to re-initialize if you change your skill or attribute levels. However, The Fort Bar will store information across sessions: you do not need to re-initialize if you shut down Firefox, turn off your computer or buy a new car.

Download files:


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