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simplepinboardbutton: lightweight pinboard add-on


*** Add-on is not maintained any more ***

Unfortunately I stopped developing the add-on. The Mozilla Add-On staff does not want to flag the add on as fully reviewed any more, because they would need an pinboard.in account to do so. I am not sure why they suddenly enforce this policy after they were able to fully review this add-on for a year. Since the old versions are fully reviewed, but the new versions have only a preliminary review, users are trapped with the old version, since Firefox add-on autoupdate will not update to versions, which are not fully reviewed. I could distribute updates via the simplepinboardbutton website, but I also stopped using Firefox and switched to Chromium.

So I am sad to say: The add-on is not maintained any more.

If anyone wants to take over, please email me, so we can set things up. The "source code" is little more than the JS code and a few simple build scripts.

Sorry again and thanks for using the add-on.

*** Add-on is not maintained any more ***

simplepinboardbutton is a small firefox addon which enables you to add websites to the pinboard.in bookmarking service via a firefox toolbar button.

toolbar buttons
The add-on contains two buttons you can add to your firefox toolbar. The red one calls the pinboard.in bookmarklet and the blue one takes you to your pinboard.in page. To add those buttons: right click on your toolbar and choose customize. Then drag the simplepinboard buttons to the toolbar.

quick search
The add-on also adds a bookmark pinboard.in quick search with the keyword pin to your bookmarks. You can safely move this bookmark to a subfolder if you want. You can use the keyword pin in your location bar followed be the search term to trigger a search of you pinboard.in tags (e.g. type 'pin bash' in browser location field to search for all your bookmarks with the tag bash).

context menu
The add-on adds a context menu entry for easy bookmarking. So you can right click on a link and choose Add to pinboard.in to add this link to pinboard.in. If you right click anywhere on a page on a non link area, you can add the current page via the context menu.

configuration options (new with version 0.9.1)
To configure the add-on, open the firefox add-on configuration and click the simplepinboardbutton settings button. You can choose the bookmarklet you want to use. You also have the option to use a full text pinboard search and tag search. The full text search will also search title and description. The drawback is that if you created a new bookmark, tags will only be found after pinboard.in indexed them for the new bookmark. This will roughly take a day after bookmarking. The second option is to use tag search. With tag search active, only tags are searched, but will be found immediately after bookmarking.

installation of stable version
You can install the latest stable version via https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simplepinboardbutton/.

installation of latest developer release
You can download & install the latest developer version from the developer site:

If you find a bug, you can contact me via simplepinboardbutton<at>neovatar.org

Download files:


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