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Styles Tuner


Of course, you faced a situation when you are interested in content on the site, but its appearance leaves much to be desired. May be the fonts are so small, may be the background is so dark, but the text is bright and her eyes get tired fast.

Now, with the addon "Styles Tuner" you can customize the appearance of any website so that you had to use it comfortably. You do not need to know HTML or CSS. Everything is done with a simple control panel.

After installing the extension, you go to the page you want to edit, run the "Styles Tuner" with icons on the control panel, turn on edit mode and in the sidebar of the browser will appearence the styles of page elements. You can change the color, background color, font size and font for a single element, and for the series. For example for all links on page.

For selected element, you can click on it in the sidebar, or just clicking on it on the page. To cancel the selection you need to click on it again.

If you did something wrong setting you can always return to the default by pressing the Control Panel.

"Styles Tuner" will be useful for webmasters too. You can quickly and easily see how will be look a particular block on a page with a different colors and different fonts. After making changes, you can click on the link "CSS", get new styles for this block to add them to the source code of the page.

In addition, "Styles Tuner" has three themes, and you can pick the one that you like.

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