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Rewind/Fastforward Buttons


******************IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE****************
Versions older than 2.1.2009091201 have serious vulnerability. You MUST update to the version 2.1.2009091201 or later, or, you should uninstall this.
ref: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=515529

This provides "Rewind" and "Fastforward" buttons for the toolbar, to back/forward histories quickly.

And, this detects links which refer to next or previous pages automatically. If the URI includes a numeric part, it can be incremented/decremented like by EZNav extension.

You can use "Back" and "Forward" buttons as "Rewind/Previous Page" and "Fastforward/Next Page" button, if you don't want to put custom buttons in the toolbar.

This feature will help you to read long series of documents like novels, technical specifications, blogs, and others. (The detection rules can be customized.)

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