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Virtual Keyboard


NOTE: If the new language is necessary to you inform me on e-mail and I will add its support.
The Virtual Keyboard is a keyboard for the kiosk browser.
Support English, German and Russian layout.
Support IME Simple Chinese.
It is a part of ISUL project. See http://code.google.com/p/isul
Based on VKeyboard. See http://stlouis-shopper.com/cgi-bin/mozdev-wiki/kiosk-wiki.pl?KioskBrowser/VirtualKeyboard.
Some bugs was fixed:
- Focus never lost.
- You can insert chars in center of a string.
- Backspase work correct.
- Enter button work correct.

How the Keyboard toggle off and collapse:
The Keyboard is big and you can toggle off keyboard by menu Tools -> Toggle Keyboard,
or you can press hide button on the navigation bar
The vertical long button at the left collapse the keyboard .

In version 0.9.3 the follow preferences was added
- Hide on startup
- Toggle on startup
The Toggle button has moved in PersonalToolbar, you can add or hide it.

Download files:


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