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Tooltip Plus


Instantly get information about links and images by mousing over them. Tooltip Plus shows you the target (URI/URL) of links as well as the titles and alternative (alt) text of images. An icon indicates the file type or site favicon of a link. Best of all, long lines are wrapped instead of cut short, so you can read your favourite comic's image captions.

Perfect for browsing without a status bar or full screen. If you've been waiting for an updated version of "Smart Tooltip" or "Small Tooltip", or a replacement for the "Long Title" add-ons, this is it.

The tooltip shows:
- Icon: site favicon or file type icon
- Link or image title in bold
- Alternative text in grey
- Location (URL) or other URI

It's configurable:
- Prevent the tooltip from hiding automatically
- Change the style of the tooltip
- Change size of the icons
- Toggle the display of alt text

Download files:


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