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This plugin allows users of Zotero to view notes and attachments with Quick Look. Quick Look is an application that shows a large preview of a file over the workspace. This was initially introduced in OS X and recently software for similar functionality has been released for Linux and Windows.

Since the Linux and Windows support require third party software, the user experience is not the same as on OS X where the functionality is built in. While the Linux version is quite close to the OS X version, some Windows users have reported that the user experience on that platform is poor.

Demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2qt9H5G5KQ

QuickLook from citation fields using the Word Processor plugin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVe4fKY_Fe4 (Currently Mac only)


On Linux and Windows additional software or configuration is required. You should read the documentation here before installing ZoteroQuickLook on these platforms.

Using the plugin
After installing the plugin, pressing space bar or cmd + y shows the selected items or attachments with Quick Look. Another press closes the Quick Look dialog. On OS X 10.6 and earlier chancing the active item with arrow keys while the QuickLook is open will change the item that is shown in Quick Look.

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